Pastor locks lips with young woman for very long time to ‘rid her body of demons’


A Zimbabwean pastor was filmed kissing a woman for a very long time in church to ‘rid her body of demons.

In a footage going viral online, the pastor is seen embracing a woman in a pink dress in front of his congregation. 

According to reports, the pastor had preached about the soul during the sermon in the church in Zimbabwe. He then demonstrated ways by which the spirit can be cleansed. He carried out the demonstration on a female church member.

The pastor demonstrated a way to cleanse the spirit by locking lips with the woman. The kiss went on for long in front of church members. It was an uncomfortable kiss and two women in front of the church can be seen holding their heads. 

The pastor broke the kiss and asked the woman a question and she gestured to her stomach. Then the pastor later went in for a second kiss, this one longer than the first. 

Pastor locks lips with young woman for very long time to

The video is trending online and people are reacting to it.

One web user asked: “I wonder if he does the same to his male congregates?”

Watch the video below.