PASTOR FROM HELL!!! Impregnate 14years Old Girl And Give Her Abortion Drug And This Happens


A little girl is on the verge of losing her life after a Lagos-based pastor reportedly impregnated her and gave her abortion pills to take.

A Lagos based pastor, Lewa Timothy of First Born Of The Spirit Ministries, Lagos, has been arrested and will be arraigned at a Lagos state magistrate court for allegedly having s*x and impregnating 14 year old Chineye, the daughter of one of his members.

According to a report by LIB, the lawyer handling the case, Barrister Kingsley Ughe, General Council of the Joint Action Legal Aids, an NGO said Chineye is a student and an ardent worshipper of the church. She became very close to the pastor so much so that he entrusted her with his protocols in the church.

According to Ughe, the parents of the girl said the pastor would lavish the little girl with new clothes, shoes, expensive phones but they did not raise an eyebrow as they thought he was being charitable. Tongues started wagging about sex romps and unholy passion between the accused pastor and little Chineye. No one believed it until on Wednesday May 31st when Chineye suddenly complained of dizziness and pains in the abdomen while in class. Then she started bleeding. She was rushed to a hospital where during examination, she confessed to the doctors that she was pregnant and had been given some colored pills by the pastor to swallow.

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