Pastor Emmanuel Iren says unmarried people living together are more likely to get divorced

Popular clergyman, Pastor Emmanuel Iren has opined that it’s been statistically proven that unmarried people who live together are more likely to have a divorce.

He stated this in a recent podcast, ‘Surviving Lagos’ which had Susan Pwajok as its anchor.

According to Pastor Emmanuel Iren, science is proving most of the things in the scriptures to be true.

He revealed that statistics from recent studies have shown that when unmarried people live together, there are high chances of them experiencing divorce.

“God’s principles have been vindicated. For instance, it is statistically proven that if you live with a man who is not your husband you are two times more likely to have a divorce,” he partly said.

Read some comments below:

@Promise30_ said: “I need the stats and source”

@SimisolaTomori said: “Every marriage needs Christ”

@udeochusp said: “Science//technology is helping the world to expose bad behaviour and cheaters. You can’t catch some people without technology. E.g. DNA TESTING is doing the work that no man would have been able to do humanly; little wonder it is dreaded like a plague by those doing wrong.”

@M_idris12 said: “You get tired of each other easily and because there’s no marriage involved, it’s easy to let go of the person. Married people do everything to make their marriage work until there’s no way out but In relationship, there’s an illusion of options so we let go easily.”

Watch the video below:

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