Pastor Bolaji Idowu warns against lending money to friends

Pastor Bolaji Idowu shares why it is wrong to lend money to friends, claims it is the easiest way to lose a friendship.

The lead pastor of Harvesters International Church shared this in a program titled, Filling Financial Gaps.

He believes that it is wrong to lend other people your savings especially when they were not disciplined enough to manage theirs.

The man of God explains that he never lends out money to others, choosing only to give them what he can spare without demanding it back.

According to him, many people who borrow know how to play victim and resort to emotional manipulation when it is time to return the money.

See reactions to the video here

promise_akabudu said: “It’s all fun and games until you are the one that needs to borrow. Just use discernment and your discretion is all, table turns.”

michael._u wrote: “You don’t even need such friends to be honest. People that can’t keep to their word/not trustworthy should be far away.”

nwadiuto.amaka agreed: “💯I’m currently not in talking terms with a friend because I asked for the ‘ordinary 15k’ I borrowed her. It became ‘ordinary’ because I asked for it which meant I was disturbing her. I sha left the money and the friendship for her after all the insults.”

henry_aniegboka_ stated: “It’s better to be called stingy, cus as Nigeria dey you fit loose the money and the friend 😂😂”

dee_touchofbeauty commented: “I’m sorry but I don’t agree..if it’s my very close trustworthy i no fit borrow person wey no fit borrow me…We have always needed money one point in our life. if everyone was like this how unfit survive.Borrow people that have proven to be trustworthy!!!”

Watch the video here….

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