Pastor Bolaji Idowu confronts Bisola Aiyeola for pushing potential suitors away from her

Senior Pastor of Harvesters International Christian Centre, Bolaji Idowu, engaged in a chat with Bisola Aiyeola about her unwillingness to marry.

An old video from the marriage ceremony of Sharon Ooja and her husband, Ugo Nwoke has emerged where Pastor Bolaji Idowu was engaging Bisola on why she is still single.

The lavish church wedding took place on June 30th at Pastor Bolaji’s prominent Harvesters International Christian Centre in Lagos and was nothing short of stunning.

In a viral video that has gone viral, Bisola Aiyeola and Pastor Bolaji Idowu have a delightfully candid marriage chat while surrounded by his boisterous gang.

The video shows Pastor Bolaji, in a friendly yet probing tone, giving Bisola a lighthearted touch on the arm as he challenges her about her refusal to follow in her friend Sharon Ooja’s marriage footsteps.

The crowd erupts in amusement as Pastor Bolaji carries on, attempting to solve the enigma of Bisola’s suitor-repelling ways.

Bisola, who is known for her jovial self, answered with her humorous jab. She teasingly revealed that the men seeking her hand do not fulfill her financial requirements.

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