Pastor abruptly ends online prayer session in fear after being pranked (Watch)

A video of a young Nigerian preacher being pranked during a live session on TikTok has surfaced online and stirred reactions.

He was holding a live prayer session with followers when he got a prank warning which made him to go offline immediately.

An IG user changed their username to ‘Notification’ and display picture to an icon for message notifications.

The person said in the comment section that there will be a permanent ban on the pastor’s account if he fails to end the live video in 5 minutes.

The moment he saw that pop-up, believing it was a warning from TikTok, he did not bid his followers goodbye before ending the live prayer.

“WARNING: Permanent ban will ensure if LIVE video does not end within 5 minutes,” the message read.

See the clip below:

@FIRE_STICK; Your man said not today!! He needs that TikTok bread 😂😂😂

@teewhizzle; So the Holy Ghost inside of him disappeared immediately he saw the message?

@phendykay; Person dey intercede for people, you dey interrupt.. okay now..Soon una go say village people… Oloshi!

@loria_tare; Saw it on tiktok and I laughed so hard … loool the comments there killed me …

@L2Youngking1; Not a too religious person buh I swear this is not funny👎🏽everyone is having a laugh meanwhile you should have just let the guy be and mind your business if you are not interested In the prayers….anything for clicks attitude is bad.

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