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Lawmakers in Thailand approve medical use of marijuana


Thailand’s interim parliament has voted to allow the use of medical cannabis while recreational use of the drug remains illegal.

Lawmaker Somchai Sawangkarn said the passing of an amendment to allow medical marijuana in the country “could be considered as a New Year gift to Thais.”

“The amendment (on the Narcotics Bill) was passed the second and third readings today. And will become effective once it is published on the Royal Gazette,” he said. The National Legislative Assembly’s 166 members voted in favor of the change and there were no votes objecting to the motion. There were 13 members who abstained from the vote.

This makes Thailand the first country in Southeast Asia to allow the use of medical marijuana. The region is notorious for its hardline approach to drugs and strict penalties for drug-related crimes.

The British government approved medical marijuana earlier this year, and it became available on November 1 from the National Health System to patients with a prescription. Medications derived from cannabis became legal in Germany last year. Medical marijuana is also legal in Australia and Ireland.

In the Unites States, medical marijuana is legal in 30 states, though the laws governing what’s permitted vary from state to state, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Anti-Corruption War: President Buhari’s ‘poor relatives’ have become billionaires in Daura – Buba Galadima claims


Buba Galadima has said that the integrity mantra of the Buhari-led government is a façade, claiming that the President has turned a blind eye to the illegal acquisition of wealth by some of his relatives.

Galadima spoke on Chanels TV today as he reacted to questions regarding the President’s refusal to assent to the electoral bill, Galadima said that the “flimsy” excuses upon which the bill was turned down, does not show any integrity.

Further arguing against the APC’s integrity, Galadima alleged that some of the President’s relatives who were poor prior to the regime change in 2015 have suddenly become multibillionaires.

Galadima claimed that some very poor persons related to Buhari have become owners of choice houses in Daura, Katsina state, the President’s hometown.

He said “I can’t see any integrity whatsoever on the side of Mr. President.

“Which integrity? Somebody who condones corrupt people around him.

“We know of his relatives. We know of his friends who were bankrupt before 2015.

“We know of his relatives who took N2,000 transport money from us to go to Kaduna.

“Today, they are multibillionaires. They have assets all over the world. They have estates all over the world.

“I can show anybody that wants to know. So, the issue of integrity with this government is not an issue.

“Go to Daura GRA. When you go there, all the houses that make you feel as if you are in Dubai, London or Beirut were built by whom? To whom do those properties belong?

“So, please, I don’t want any All Progressives Congressman to talk to me about integrity.

“This should be the last time anybody engaging me in a debate would talk about integrity; I will take them to the marketplace.”

Police arrest suspected killers of Alex Badeh


The Nigeria Police Force says it has arrested four suspected killers of former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh (retd.).

Badeh was murdered while returning from his farm in Abuja on Tuesday December 18th.

The suspects will be paraded at the headquarters of the NPF in Abuja on Thursday December 27th

Yacht and private jet owners to pay luxury taxes from 2019- Minister of Finance Zainab Ahmed


Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, says beginning from 2019, Nigerians who own private jets and yachts will start paying luxury taxes. The Minister disclosed this when she spoke at a press conference on Monday December 24th. She added that taxes of Small and Medium Enterprises will be reduced.

“We are exploring the way to increase taxes as well as reduce taxes in some sectors. For Small and Medium Enterprises, what will happen is to reduce taxes. But there are some special taxes that we will be looking at imposing.

For example, luxury taxes. If you have a private jet, we will be taxing you specially for that. If you have a yacht, we will be charging you for that and also in terms of excise duties, there are also some new areas where excise duties will be introduced. We haven’t got all the approvals but one of the major areas might be that of carbonated drinks produced in the country.” she said

‘There is no order from the IG or any plan by the Force to arrest Senator Dino Melaye and inject him to death’ – Nigerian Police reacts


The Nigerian Police Force has reacted to the allegation by Senator Dino Melaye that the Inspector General Police has ordered his arrest and inject him to death.

“There is no such order from the Inspector General of Police or any plan by the Force to arrest Senator Dino Melaye and inject him to death”, said Jimoh Moshood, the police spokesman. Moshood described Melaye’s allegation as mischievous, malicious, misleading and laughable.

In his tweet, Melaye alleged that the IGP had already sent the men to inject him. But Moshood urged the senator to stop whipping up sentiments to distract the public and that if he had committed any crime or he is aware of his involvement in any crime, he should come out and confess and face the legal consequences.

See the full police statement:

The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been drawn to a statement in some sections of the media credited to a serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing Kogi West Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Dino Melaye, captioned “IG plans to arrest me, inject me to death”.

The Force is categorically stating that the statement is mischievous, malicious, capable of misleading the public and laughable, there was no such order from the Inspector General of Police or any plan by the Force to arrest Senator Dino Melaye and inject him to death but if the Senator knows he had committed any crime or he is aware of his involvement in any crime, he should come out and confess and face the legal consequences instead of whipping up sentiments to distract the public.

The Force sees such defamatory, mischievous, malicious and reckless statement by Senator Dino Melaye as untrue, ridiculous, mischievous and unfortunate. Members of the public are hereby enjoined to disregard and discountenance the statement by Senator Dino Melaye in its entirety as untrue and mischievous.

Senator Dino Melaye is hereby called upon to know that his statement constitute a criminal defamatory offence, hate speech and hateful conduct. He should however as a law maker be law abiding and desist from un-senatorial and lawless utterances that cannot be substantiated with facts.

The Inspector General of Police will not be distracted by statements from the likes of Senator Dino Melaye but will continue to ensure that the rule of law prevails in all matters.”

190 policemen mobilized for war against Boko Haram in the North East have all run away


190 police officers who were being trained for the war against Boko Haram in the North East, have absconded. A statement from the force says the fleeing officers were being trained in Buni Yadi, Yobe state when they absconded.

A ‘Police Wireless Message’ sent from the Force Headquarters to MOPOLS in 22 states, says an order has been issued for the immediate arrest of the absconding officers. The policemen comprised personnel of the Police Mobile Force (PMF) and Counter Terrorism Units (CTU), as well as those of the Force and the Sniffer Dog Sections.

238 Nigerians languishing in UK jails


The Prisoner Transfer Agreement between the United Kingdom and Nigeria has yet to take off four years after an understanding was reached to allow sentenced prisoners in either country, to be transferred to a prison in their home country where they can serve the balance of their jail terms.

It was gathered that a certain percentage of the 238 Nigerians in UK prisons would be eligible for prisoner transfer to Nigeria under the initiative.

The Prisoner Transfer Agreement which was signed in 2014 also allows for British nationals serving jail terms in Nigeria to be transferred to the UK where they can receive help and support from their families and friends and the communities to which they will eventually return.

So far, no British prisoners had been transferred to the UK.

Commenting on the delayed implementation of the agreement, the spokesperson, UK High Commission in Nigeria, Ms. AtinukeOluwa Adelegan, stated that work is underway between the two countries to improve the transfer agreement so that prisoners who are transferred to their home country are not disadvantaged as a consequence of the transfer.

She further disclosed that the UK is working with the Federal Government to improve prison conditions in a range of ways, including the construction of a prisoner housing block in Kiri-Kiri prisons in Lagos.

The project, she added, would likely commence in the New Year, subject to final agreements between the Nigerian and UK governments, noting that part of the overall goals of the PTA was to improve Nigerian prison conditions and capacity.

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Davido has reached out to his first baby mama-Kemi Olunloyo


Davido has reportedly reached out to his alleged first baby mama,Ayotomide Labinjo .

Davido has vehemently denied he fathered a child with her four years ago.However,she insists he is the father of her child and wants an independent DNA test carried out.

Journalist,Kemi Olunloyo who took up the case and is advocating for Davido to claim Michelle as his first child,shared the news on Twitter .

She also asked him to send the daughter a Christmas present .

‘I am not baba go slow, it is the system of government that is slow’ – President Buhari


President Buhari has once again responded to those that have tagged him Baba-go-slow. Since he came into office in 2015, Nigerians have called out President Buhari for being slow at taking decisions and actions that would move the country forward.

While speaking with the Federal Capital Territory community who paid him a visit on Christmas day December 25th, President Buhari attributed his perceived slow performance to the system of government. He said unlike when he was in the military, he has to go by the system as a democratically elected President.

“I told you what I did when I was in uniform but now when I have to go by this system (Democracy,) where people have to be arrested and then prosecuted, taken to court and then with evidence, we will collect back what they had taken illegally and for doing that, people are calling me Baba go slow.

“I am going slowly but whatever the case, I will not stop pointing fingers at those who have abused trust by taking money that does not belong to them. I will keep on trying to do my best for this country and get back what belongs to the country.

“We are going to do the roads, revive the railway and electricity with the little resources at our disposal. Fighting Corruption, yes, we are slow because the system is slow. It’s not Baba that is slow but it is the system. So, I am going by this system and I hope we will make it,” he said.

Femi Otedola explains why he sold his shares in forte oil


A few days ago, Nigerian oil magnate, Femi Otedola via a letter to the Nigerian Stock Exchange announced his decision to sell his 75% direct and indirect shareholdings in Forte Oil. (Read HERE)

The news was received with mixed reactions from Nigerians and while responding to a comment on Instagram, Otedola explained the reason for his decision.

In his words, ‘to diversify into other areas of the economy such as petroleum products refining that require huge capital outlay’.

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