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Speaker Yakubu Dogara officially announces his defection from APC to PDP


Barely two weeks to the elections, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has officially announced his defection from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the PDP.

Speaker Dogara who returned to PDP in September 2018, officially informed his colleagues that he has joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) during plenary on Tuesday January 29th. He however did not give reasons for his defection.

He also announced the defection of two other APC members of the House to the PDP.

Diamond Platnumz wants his wedding date declared as a public holiday in Tanzania


Bongo flava music star, Diamond Platnumz has asked the Tanzanian government to consider declaring a national holiday on the day he will get married to his Kenyan girlfriend, Tanasha Donna Barbieri, a model and radio personality.

In a recent interview in Tanzania, Diamond explained that he wants the government to consider his wish so that all his family members can attend the ceremony.

“The reason why we had to change the date is because Tanasha’s mother will be working on Valentine’s Day. I do not want a small wedding, if it is possible I would like the government to consider it a public holiday,” he said.

In December last year, Diamond officially announced his intentions to marry his sweetheart on valentines day however, he extended the dates because some super star celebrities like Rick Ross could not make it and yet he wanted his party to be big.

Lawyers shun NBA boycott order, attend to cases at Supreme Court


Lawyers have shunned the boycott order issued by the Nigerian Bar Association on Monday as a way to protest the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter onnoghen.

Cases are presently being heard at the Supreme Court with Justice Mary Peter-Odili presiding.

The lawyers had taken a decision to boycott the courts yesterday after staging a protest at the entrance of the Nigerian Bar Association NBA over Onnoghen’s suspension.

Eyebrows raised as the UAE Gender Equality Awards were won by only men


When you hear of gender equality, you think of equal opportunities for both men and women. But this wasn’t the case at UAE’s Gender Equality Awards where the winners were only men.

On Sunday, the United Arab Emirates held their annual gender equality awards as a chance to celebrate the value both genders can bring in the workplace. But people coildn’t help noticing that there was no single woman among the winners.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, vice-president of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, handed out the Gender Balance Index awards on Sunday.

During his speech, he said:

The achievements of Emirati women today reaffirm the wise vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, who believed in the importance of the role of women, and their right to work and become key partners in society.

But his words contradicted his actions as no woman was pictured picking up a prize on the event’s Twitter announcement.

Social media users noticed this and were quick to point it out.

One person said: ‘Wow really nailed the diversity there. One of those dudes was wearing grey.’

Another said that Dubai had made themselves a ‘laughing stock in the eyes of the world.’

According a UN report, the UAE is the highest ranking Gulf country for gender equality, and since setting gender parity goals in 2015 there has been a significant improvement in bringing women into the workforce.

However, human rights campaigners have long argued that gender discrimination is still entrenched in the UAE, where men’s rights are almost always prioritised in legal matters such as divorce. UAE law also still permits domestic violence as long as it does not exceed limits set by Islamic law, according to Mirror.

Amber Rose praises her man A.E. and speaks on how he has improved her life


Amber Rose has praised her man A.E. for the ways in which he has made her a better person.

The mother-of-one said he’s her best friend and told of how he taught her to overcome her fear of loving men after all they’ve done to her in the past.

She wrote:

He thinks he soooo cute! ?? He really is tho ??? and sweet, smart, talented, charismatic and overall just an amazing man. In the past I’ve used the words “best friend” very loosely while speaking of my ex’s but I can honestly say I feel like this man really is my BEST FRIEND! We talk for hours, he makes me a better person, he listens to me and understands me. He also came into my life at a time where I’ve had enough of the narcissistic, cheating and abuse I’ve endured over the years from my previous relationships….. Me always apologizing for things I had no business apologizing for, being gaslighted, manipulated and mentally abused ? I felt so damaged when I met him and pushed him away in the beginning, he has talked me through everything while simultaneously loving me and working with me so I could overcome my fear of loving someone in the most healthiest way again. So @ae4presidentThank you for all of ur love and support baby. I love you so much ????

Nigeria ranks 144 out of 180 on Transparency International’s corruption perception index


Transparency International has just released a new list of countries ranked highest in corruption practices.

Nigeria scored 27 over 100, and was ranked 144/180 countries studied. Somalia, a country located at Sub-Saharan Africa was listed as the highest country with the highest corruption report. It scored 10 over 100 and was raked 180 out of 180 countries analyzed. However, Denmark, a country located at Western Europe & European Union scored 88 over 100 and was ranked 1st and the best country with a ‘No’ or little corruption report.

The 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) released by Transparency International reveals that the continued failure of most countries to significantly control corruption is contributing to a crisis of democracy around the world.

The 2018 CPI draws on 13 surveys and expert assessments to measure public sector corruption in 180 countries and territories, giving each a score from zero (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). More generally, countries with high levels of corruption can be dangerous places for political opponents. Practically all of the countries where political killings are ordered or condoned by the government are rated as highly corrupt on the CPI.

Cross analysis with global democracy data reveals a link between corruption and the health of democracies. Full democracies score an average of 75 on the CPI; flawed democracies score an average of 49; hybrid regimes – which show elements of autocratic tendencies – score 35; autocratic regimes perform worst, with an average score of just 30 on the CPI.

Breaking: House of Representatives approves N30,000 as the National Minimum Wage for workers in the country


The House of Representative has approved N30,000 as the new minimum wage for workers in the country.

The lawmakers passed the bill during Tuesday’s plenary presided over by the Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara. They approved the figure after the bill was read and passed for the third time on the floor of the lower chamber of the National Assembly in Abuja.

Prior to the passage of the bill, the House adopted the report of the ad-hoc committee set up to look into the bill presented to the National Assembly by President Buhari. It said it decided to adopt the report of the tripartite committee because of the obvious difficult living conditions in the country.

The lawmakers inserted a clause in the bill which makes it effective from the date it is asserted to by the President. They, however, retained the original clause in the bill which excluded employers of less than 25 people from paying the new minimum wage.

In the face of the recent development, the bill would be sent to the Senate for concurrence. Earlier, the lawmakers concluded debate on the 2019 Appropriation Bill, as well as read and passed it through the second reading.

They consequently referred the bill to the House Appropriations Committee and other related sub-committees for further actions. The House then adjourned plenary till February 19, after the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

I am like the scrotum of a ram,it will dangle and dangle but will never fall- Dino Melaye


The embattled Senator stated this on his Instagram page this afternnon. He shared the photo above, with the caption;

”Dino Melaye is like the scrotum of a ram,it will dangle and dangle but will never fall. God pass man any day.

Read all that Lagos state House of Assembly members said about Ambode during plenary as they threaten to impeach him


On Monday, members of the Lagos state house of Assembly threatened to begin impeachment proceedings against the state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, over allegations of gross misconduct.

According to the state lawmakers, Ambode who lost out on having the APC governorship return ticket during the party’s controversial governorship primaries in October last year, has been spending money from the 2019 budget that he hasn’t yet presented before the home. There are also allegations that Governor Ambode was silently funding the campaign of PDP governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje, with state funds.

The lawmakers have given Governor Ambode seven-days to come himself to present the 2019 budget or face impeachment immediately.

Read all that the lawmakers said about Governor Ambode during plenary yesterday as quoted by PM news.

Hon. Rotimi Olowo

Rewriting of the Budget is an impeachable offence. The Government has been shut down and our roads are in a sorry state. There must be continuity of projects in the budget and this is not followed. Borrowing without informing the House is impeachable. IPP is being owed. If the Governor is tired, he should resign.

Hon. Moshood Oshun

When you apply for a job, and you are given, if you are tired, you can leave. If the Governor is tired, he should go. The budget is a law, when we pass a budget, they rewrite their own. What they say is that they are above the law. If you go to Alausa today, all the MDAs are shut down. All their files are with the Governor and he did not work on them.

Hon. Richard Kasunmu

This is a non-compliance with the rule of law. The state is about to be totally shut down, so we should checkmate the situation. If the Governor is tired, he should throw in the towel. We cannot keep on standstill because some people are tired.

Hon. Rasheed Makinde

Three years down the lane, the executive cannot tell the people of Lagos that they don’t know what they are doing. It is obvious that the Governor is tired, so they should all go. They even made a mistake in the letter they wrote to the House. Lagos State used to present its budget before others even before the Federal Government. They ought to work based on the budget or they come for reordering. All government agencies have been rendered useless, civil servants are sleeping in their offices. The State House of Assembly must approve the budget. We must pass a vote of no confidence on the Attorney General, Commissioners for Budget, Finance, the Governor and the Deputy Governor.

Hon. Yinka Ogundimu

The Governor has always been disobeying our motions. They refused to follow our motions on the environment, which is why everywhere is dirty. If you look at the various projects not provided for in the budget that are being done, then it is breach of the constitution. The people concerned should resign before we invoke the aspect of the constitution that gives us power to remove them from office. We should make it clear that there have been warnings from us.

Hon. Sola Giwa

This is a matter of constitutionality and it is about the law. We all swore to uphold the law. If you breach the law, there is a consequence and the best is for the House to begin an impeachment process.

Hon. Victor Akande

There is no need for virement according to the constitution. I don’t think there is any budget before the House. The constitution states that the budget must be laid and it is a gross misconduct. So, we should do the needful.

Hon. Fatai Mojeed

We received the money from Paris Fund and other funds, the executive did not take permission before they spent the money.

Hon. Jude Idimogu

The government is not moving forward. Our party is the APC and we are doing well. The government is not putting us in the light and we have the oppositions that are watching us. No budget has been laid before the House. The key members such as Attorney General, Commissioners For Finance and Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning. The needful is impeachment.

Hon. Noheem Raheem

I support the fact that they should resign if they are tired.

Hon. Fatai Oluwa

This is a deliberate attempt by the Governor not to bring the budget before the House. He is surrounded by erudite lawyers that ought to have advised him. Public Works, LAWMA, IPP are not working. If it would be necessary to sign and send him out of office it would be okay.

Hon. Oladele Adekanye

It is clear that there are infractions and impeachable offence committed. The defences of the commissioners are not tenable.

Hon. Sabur Olayiwola

There have been abuse of the constitution and disobedient to the constitution. Spending without making a recourse to the assembly is an impeachable offence. The best thing is to show him that we are representing our people and that we are not here for fun. The best thing is to let them know that we mean business. The Permanent Secretary/Accountant General that is talking about 25% spending should be brought to book.

Hon. Akeem Shokunle

The financial misconduct of the Governor is obvious and we should begin an impeachment process.

Hon. Mosunmola Sangodara

The situation is an unfortunate one. Section 121 of the Constitution states the the appropriation bill should be laid before the House and this has not been done. It is an abuse of office and an undue influence by the Governor. We can start an impeachment process and pass a vote of no confidence on some of the members of the executive.

Hon. Funmilayo Tejuosho

We are the voice of the people of Lagos State and we perform oversight functions to ensure that the government do the best for the people. Accountability is not being done here. Section 121 made it clear that the appropriation bill should be laid before the House. Section 122 states that if that has been done, you can now spend 25% of the budget estimate for a period of six months. We need to forward the infractions to the Governor. The tax payers should know what their money is being spent on.

Hon. Setonji David

The infractions are too grave, there is a problem and we need to do what is right. The government must be held responsible for their actions.

Hon. Akeem Bello

The Governor and his Deputy should tender their resignation letter.

Hon. Dayo Saka-Fafunmi

I am sad over the revelations by what the Deputy Speaker read and during our interactions with the executive. The business of governance is not based on sentiments, it is based on law. Section 120 of the Constitution that talks about the public fund is very important. Public fund does not belong to any of us, it belongs to the people of Lagos State. Section 120 subsection 2 States that no money should be withdrawn from the accounts of the states unless it is approved by the House. All the violations amount to gross misconduct. Section 188, defines gross misconduct. We strongly believe that essential services that ought to be met are missing in the state. I am in line with the statement and decisions of the members that if the executive members are not ready for governance, they should resign or should be impeached.

Hon. Mojisola Miranda

The constitution is clear that there is punishment for any offence.

Hon. Dayo Famakinwa

I want to support my colleagues that the offences are impeachable and we should activate the process immediately.

Hon. Saka Solaja

A budget is financial instrument that analyses and interprets the financial expenditure. Since 1999, Lagos State has always been presenting its budget as at when due, but that has not been done. The financial regulations and the constitution have been breached. We should start a process of impeachment immediately.

Read also: Breaking: Lagos Assembly moves to impeach Ambode

Hon. Folajinmi Mohammed

There is a vagrant abuse of the constitution, which is an impeachable offence.

Hon. Lanre Ogunyemi

It is an issue of flagrant disobedient to the constitution. A review of a previous year’s budget is a precursor to the approval of the new budget. A review of the 2018 budget shows poor performance. MDAs complained of inability to access their funds. All these infractions should be communicated to the Governor for his reaction and if he fails to do so, the House can begin a process of impeachment.

Hon. Omotayo Oduntan

Today is a sad day. The executive just moved money from one ministry to another without recourse to the Assembly. When all these happen, it shows a total disregard to the budget being passed by the House. We should get across to the Governor to explain himself or else we should begin an impeachment process.

Hon. Sanai Agunbiade

There are three arms of government of which the executive is one. Our government is still running and not shut down. What we want to do is to ensure that the infractions from one arm of government does not affect another. It is clear that the budget has not been presented before the House. My colleagues have addressed all the issues. We should let the public know that we do not have the budget before the House.

The next is for the Governor to resign or we should begin an impeachment process against the Governor. We can communicate to him to reign or failure to do that is for us to start collecting signatures of lawmakers so that we can be seen to have done our job.

Hon. Rotimi Abiru

I want to adopt what has been done without wasting much time. There have been some infractions on the part of the Governor and the position of the law is clear.

Hon. Wahab Jimoh

I saw this coming like an ocean surge. The Attorney General wrote the House to withdraw the private member bills before the House. One has been noticing that there would be crisis. The report I saw with the Deputy Speaker shows that the 2019 budget is being implemented.

Onnoghen: Nigerian Bar Association resolves that all its members should boycott courts nationwide for two days


The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has resolved that all its members should boycott the courts nationwide for two days (Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 January 2019) to protest the “constitutional infractions in the suspension of Walter Onnoghen as Chief Justice of Nigeria”.

The body reached the decision on Monday at an emergency meeting of its National Executive Committee (NEC) held at the NBA Auditorium, NBA House, Plot 1101 Muhamadu Buhari Way, Cadastral Zone A00 Central Area, Abuja.

Attendance at the NEC meeting was limited only to Statutory NEC members, who are national officers, past presidents, past general secretaries, branch chairmen, branch secretaries, branch NEC representatives and chairmen and secretaries of sections.

As all Nigerian lawyers are automatic members of the NBA, the resolution means all lawyers anywhere in the country will be absent in court for two days.

President Buhari suspended Onnoghen as the CJN on Friday and swore in Tanko Mohammed in acting capacity, leading to widespread condemnation both from home and abroad.

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