Over my dead body will I marry her…..man cries out


Am in love with a lady, we share things in common, I love her with all my heart and i believe she loves me, I do everything she wanted, anything she wants i will make sure she has it but I have a problem with her character and behavior towards me, which is, I have told her that i want to come and see her parents by July, but anytime she comes to my house and i talked about cooking soup she will reject it with excuses or the other,, and she doesn’t trust me at all,, recently I collected her pictures from her phone to mine she took offense and deleted it all, and sent it to me through whatspp and i used it as my profile picture and she took offense again and come to my house and delete all the pictures from my phone, she made a comment that, hope am not using her pictures to do anything that bad….Am heart broken. What do I do?