Oshiomhole preaches peace to supporters, urges state govt to embrace the truth and shun violence


The National Chairman of the governing All Progressives Congress, Comr Adams Oshiomhole eschewed for peaceful coexistence among the party faithful in Edo State.

He made this remark after receiving the news of some hoodlums who were said to have stormed the Benin residence of the National Chairman chanting songs of disunity and war. The hoodlums who were suspected to be loyalists of the incumbent administration were however chased away by members of the Nigerian Police Force alongside APC supporters across the City.

Tontrends gathered from ChrisOsaMediaGroup that, Oshiomhole while receiving party supporters across the state at his Benin residence on 12th October, gave a series of analogies that reflect the political development in the state, among which was the popular biblical story of two women who were brought before the wise King Solomon. In the story, both women claimed ownership of a child, the wise king decided that the child be divided into two parts, he sought the approval of both women to carry out this murderous act, as a real mother wouldn’t want much done to her child, one of them disagreed with tears in her eyes, while the other agreed for she knew she wouldn’t be losing out, as she wasn’t the original owner of the child. The wise King succeeded in his trial and handed the child to the former.

The above story without a doubt revealed that no right-thinking father will allow his house to be taken over by violence.

The National Chairman of APC who informed the mammoth crowd that he was not in Benin for politics urged the supporters not to engage anyone in a political duel whatsoever, reminding them that the party at the national level will legally engage anyone who tries to cause mayhem in the party in all nooks and crannies of the country.

While reacting to the illegal arrest of some party faithful across Edo State, Oshiomole condemned it in its entirety and reiterated that Nigeria is a very free country, where her citizens enjoy the fundamental rights which comprise freedom of association, worship, religion, expression, and movement, and that nobody has the right to infringe on another’s rights.

He added that the core value of any government is to protect the interest of its citizens not resorting to attacking or threatening them with the incarceration of any kind.

The immediate past Governor of Edo State, spoke succinctly on his developmental strides while in office, with reference to the construction of roads, stressing that a government ought to focus on building standard roads not paying propagandists to sing songs of praise over a work partially done. His speech received praises from the crowd, as they collectively concurred that the roads constructed during his tenure were still intact.

He urged the people of Edo State, and especially the APC members to remain calm and law-abiding as there’s no cause for alarm in the state.

The question now is, Who among these two men is a FATHER? Is it the man who called for peaceful dialogue when there are perceived disputes among the people OR the man who resorted to violence with anyone whose idea doesn’t align with his? Perhaps, your guess is as good as mine.