Opinion: Reasons Why married women cheats on their are husbands

Businessman walking into bedroom and finding couple in bed

1. Emotional intimacy – The number one factor that leads to women cheat on the men they are with is the emotional factor . Women are emotional creatures, heavily so, and they want a partner with whom they can get emotionally intimate from time to time to feel fulfilled.

Most women who have admitted of cheating on their partners also revealed that they did not feel the necessary emotional support from their current partner, and it was this thing that led them to find this emotional support from another man.

2. Physical and sexual intimacy – The second most common reason that makes a woman cheat is a physical factor. Who says women don’t like sex or don’t want to have it? Various surveys imply that women really do cheat for physical and sexual intimacy. Physical ways of affection like cuddling, hugs, holding hands , or sexual intimacy , women have reportedly cheated for both, when they haven’t gotten them from their current partner.

There are many more reasons which can make a woman cheat, however, the most important and common reasons for cheating remains.

3. Also, when a woman cheats, it is vastly different from a man cheating. A man most often does not fall in love with the person he’s cheating with. While on the other hand, if a woman decides to cheat, there is a strong chance she will fall in love with this other person, especially if she’s getting more emotional affection from this new person, and almost no emotional affection from her old partner.