OPINION: If Brymo Was An American Artiste; Grammy Award Would Be His Birth Right


Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ (born Olawale Ashimi; 9 May 1986), better known as Brymo, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer and author.

He started recording music in 1999 while in secondary school. He signed a record deal with Chocolate City in 2010 but was accused of breaching his contract with the label in 2013.

Since then he has created a niche for himself in the Nigeria music industry.

He has released so many classic songs.

If Brymo was an American artist, the Grammy award would have been his birthright till he retires because of the quality of music he makes.

In fact Brymo is the real G.O.A.T of the Nigerian music industry as far as I’m concerned. Please if you are a marlian step aside. I don’t understand why nobody is giving Brymo his due respect in the industry.

Brymo is not just a musician but also a prophet, his ability to manipulate words into a masterpiece is second to none.

Anytime I plug my earpiece and listen to Brymo’ s songs,goosebumps and shivers is all I feel. When they said music is the medicine of the soul I’m sure they were talking about Brymo’s kind of songs.

The earlier Nigerian music industry accord him the respect he deserve, the better for all of us.

It’s high time we begin to appreciate written poetic messages with instrumentals which Brymo brings to the table instead of the noise that doesn’t add value to our lifes because it lacks quality contents.