“OOU happened to me” – Nigerian man finds out his admission was fake 7 years after graduation, story trends

A Nigerian filmmaker, Ola, has revealed that he found out seven years after graduating from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) that his admission was fake.

The digital marketer shared his story via his Twitter handle, @orlahyeahlay, while replying to a netizen who urged people to narrate what made them realize life was vanity. 

According to Ola, he finished from the Ogun state varsity with a second-class upper in Biochemistry in 2009, completed his NYSC in Delta State in 2011 and started working at a bank in 2013 after months of fruitless search for a job. 

Three years later, he was to get a confirmation letter only to be dismissed by the bank. He said it was heart-wrenching and a life-shocker to learn about the sad development of his admission. 

He said, “I graduated from OOU in 2009 with a 2.1 in Biochemistry, went for NYSC in 2010 in Delta finished my NYSC in 2011. Had my first aptitude in March 2011 with
@UNIONBANK_NG I proceed to interview with other firms and it was either a rejection or I decline the offer because of the pay or Or clauses of working on weekends. I got admitted into @TrentUni in 2012 for my MPH, paid my deposit, sought funding for the balance and when I couldn’t meet up, I asked for a refund. Got another admission to the US and I was denied visa three times.”

“I was frustrated and ready to Take anything. In May 2013, I was called by @UNIONBANK_NG for an interview and I got the job. After training school, I was posted to Ekiti, I was one of the best staff in the region, I was the culture change for my branch, I was part of the team that took my branch from a Loss-making branch to breaking even. I had a visa to Georgia 🇬🇪 but I was dedicated to my job. I worked for almost three years and waiting for my confirmation. In April 2016, I got the shocker of my life when my most awaited confirmation turned to dismissal letter.”

“I never stole A kobo from @UNIONBANK_NG instead it was recommendations from the Alawe of Ilawe-Ekiti, my bosses at work. What happened, OOU happened to me. It was at the point of confirmation we discovered I had a fake admission and my matriculation number was assigned to another person who Happened to be the one with the original admission but he was a drop-out. I lost everything aside from my name and it was heart-wrenching. I invested all my savings into logistics by buying a truck and on the first trip there was an engine knock.”

“I brought a mechanic to fix it and he said I will need to offer a sacrifice for the truck to work. I laughed it off. Bought another engine and the truck is back to it’s best. The next trip, the engine knocked again and at the opening of the engine, it was water that was coming out instead of oil.”

While sitting somewhere frustrated, two guys appeared from nowhere and said the person that sold this truck knew it will never work because it was under attack. Without a single word to my uncle who was supposed to be managing the truck, I went home half-dead.”

“I got home and explained Everything to my brother @olasxni and he said let me call my pastor and the mentioning of my name the man of God said and I quote “tell him to sell that truck because he will not make a kobo from it” even before telling him anything.”

“I sold an investment of over 4 million for 600k because that was the best offer and settled debt of over 300k. Regardless, giving up is never an option. One day I stumbled on the tweet of @akinalabi of if you need a degree and you think 4years is too long, 4 years will come and you will not have the degree.

Start now and be better in 4 years time. I moved to Ibadan in 2018 when my brother got married, started another degree in 2019 with @UoPeople and I couldn’t pay for my first term because my house was burgled and I lost everything again.”

“December 2019, I had a snippet with me and I Wanted to end it despite being an happy person but a friend talked me out of it. The next morning miracle happened because my brother @The_BraveBeing sent me the exact money I needed to pay for my school fee.”

“I proceeded to narrate my ordeal the previous night and he said Holy Spirit told him to send the money three days earlier and the exact amount but he kept pushing it forward. We saw in Ibadan, I moved back to Lagos with him, went back into my filmmaking, continued my program, and graduated with distinction from

“Regardless of what life might have shown you, never stop trying, never quit learning, and never leave God out of your equation.”

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