Only Muhammad Ali gets close – Messi named greatest sportsman of All Time

Gary Lineker, a former England and Barcelona striker, has hailed Lionel Messi.

He named Messi, the Argentina captain as the greatest sportsman of all time.

Lineker says only the late legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali gets close to Messi.

He stated this while explaining why he considers the Paris Saint-Germain forward better than his arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

In an interview with the Men’s Health magazine, Lineker said (via Express Sport): “Justifiably. I think he [Messi] and Maradona are the two greatest footballers of all time. I think there is a case to make that Messi is the greatest sportsman of all time.

“Only Muhammad Ali gets close and there are a lot more footballers than heavyweight boxers.”

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