“Only Foolish Men Allow Themselves to be Used like ATM’s Pay Women” – Female MP declares


Member of Parliament (MP) for Suba North in Kenya, Millie Odhiambo, has one adjective for men who give money to women before they visit them, foolish.

She opined that it is also foolish to pay a woman’s lorry fare as it is better for them to deal with it on their own. She went on to say that it is better for women to pay their own fares and also for men to pay their own fare to visit women.

According to her, we are living in an equal world and for that reason, women should be able to pay their own fares.

Millie remarked that foolish men who allow themselves to be used as ATMs by women should not complain when they are broke. “Why send them money, to begin with? “In an equal world, let everyone pay their fare. Pay fare to visit the man and let the man pay his fare to visit you. If you are foolish enough to send fare, then do not complain if they use it because you are no longer in a relationship,” she argued.

In her opinion, “relationships should not be commercialized by either men or women.”