“One has bigger bress” – Lady tackles identical twin sister for looking exactly like her, netizens spot their differences (Watch)

A video making the rounds online has captured beautiful moments between identical twin sisters and by extension, caused outrage online.

In the video, one of the sisters, identified as Sonia, called out her other half as she berated her for having a striking resemblance with her, catching the attentions of many online.

Sonia lamented that people find it so hard to differentiate between them, which has led her into different troubles she is often accused of things her sister has done.

She furthered that her and her sister have the same set of teeths and even the same eyes. This made people struggle to tell them apart.

In her words, “guys I’m so tired, Why this girl resemble me, you people should tell me. She pass her mama, she pass her papa, she pass her brothers, she just choose to resemble Sonia, why will you look like me”.

The video of the lady lamenting over her inability to differentiate between her and her twin sister quickly went viral online as social media users shared their thoughts online.

Many asserted that they can identify the twins as they penned the differences they noticed between them. Some reactions are shown below:


luciano4gold said, “The good thing about twins is they can use the same passport to travel 😂😂”.

wurami_baby said, “We can spot the diff tho 😂😂”.

itsthe_realtoni said, “One small one big 😂😂😂 if you know you know”.

ollyk52 said, “Make I call my mama fess I don see two beauties wey I wan marry I go break protocol run polygamy for una two matter o 😂😍❤️❤️❤️”.

Watch the video below:

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