Omoni Oboli reveals her favourite thing about being an actor

Renowned Nollywood star Omoni Oboli recently shared that her most favorite part of being an actress is the opportunity to portray various characters in one lifetime.

Omoni Oboli engaged in a recent chat with Netflix amidst the promotional tour for the upcoming series ‘Òlòtūré the Journey’.

Netflix uploaded a quick Q&A session titled Hot Minute with Omoni Oboli on Instagram, where she answered quick questions about herself.

When asked about her early years, she answered, “I grew up in Delta Steel Company in Delta State.“

She was also questioned about the profession she would have pursued if she did not venture into acting. Her reply was, “If I were not an actor, I would definitely be a surgeon”.

The actress also shared her culinary skills, stating, “I can make so many Nigerian dishes, especially the soups. I can make bangs soup, egusi, you name it I’m your girl.”

When prompted about her interest in joining another series, she stated: “If I had to choose another Netflix title to be in, it would definitely be Bridgerton”.

When asked about her favorite aspect of being an actress, she replied, “My favourite thing about being an actor is that I get to be so many people in just one life. The last thing I watched on Netflix was a limited series called the anatomy of Scandal.”

Omoni Oboli also summed up the forthcoming film in three words, urging viewers to stay captivated while watching the series after its release on June 28, 2024.

“If I were to describe the Oloture sequel in three words it would be ‘thrilling’, It would be ‘tear-jerking’, and it would be ‘nerve-wracking’. Audiences should expect to sit at the edge of their seats, and no looking away. If you look away, you will miss something amazing” she stated.

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