OMG!! See The Shocking Amount Handkerchief used to clean victims blood Was sold for In Lagos


No less than 100 suspected members of the dreaded Badoo Boys cult were arrested weekend, during a joint raid on the group’s hideouts by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, of Lagos State Police Command, Anti-Robbery operatives, members of the Oodua peoples Congress, OPC, and members of vigilante groups in Ikorodu.

Members of the cult had laid siege to Ikorodu and environs, unleashing an orgy of killings, during which they used heavy stones to crush the skulls of their victims.

Reliable Police sources yesterday, quoted a suspected member of the dreaded Badoo cult group as saying that each ritual handkerchief used to clean victims’ blood after operation was sold for N500,000 to herbalists and some prominent Nigerians for money rituals.

Sources told Vanguard that some of the suspects confessed to be mere errand boys, adding that their use of grinding stones in killing victims was to ensure efficacy of the money rituals.

At the last count, over 30 persons, among them, family members, including toddlers, have had life snuffed out of them by the dreaded Badoo boys.

Their modus operandi included storming victims’ residences while they are asleep. It is suspected that they usually hypnotized their victims, as none of them, except during last week’s operation at Odogunyan, had ever been conscious of their presence.

They would, thereafter, smash victims’ heads with a grinding stone and use a handkerchief to clean the blood and brain before leaving the scene. They usually left without taking any valuables.


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