Omg! See How Lesbian Rapper Openly Proposed to Her Girlfriend (See Photos)

Kenyan rapper, Grammo Suspect proposed to the girlfriend

A Kenyan lesbian rapper has left many people in shock as she openly proposed to her girlfriend in an elaborate event.

Although the homosexuality is considered a taboo in Kenya, a popular rapper in the country defied the odds to propose to her girlfriend. The female rapper, Grammo Suspect has left many of her country men guessing as she popped the question in an elaborate ceremony.


According to niaje, Grammo Suspect publicly proposed to the girlfriend recently and has been praised by LGBT rights activists in the country. She is the first openly lesbian Kenyan rapper to come public in the country.


Apart from being a rapper, Grammo is also among the most lyrical and vocal LGBT rights activists in the country. She is popular for her spoken word poetry videos dubbed Injustice and Love is Valid.
Grammo gave her girlfriend a surprise proposal on Tuesday and took to social media to share the moment with her fans.



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