OMG!! Meet Lady Whose Heart Stopped For 68 minute Giving Birth And This Happened


A woman’s heart stopped beating for as long as 68 minutes while she was giving birth however when she woke up, nothing was the same.

An expectant mother whose heart stopped for 68 minutes as she was giving birth, woke from a coma two weeks later thinking she was 13 and had no idea she had two children and a fiancé.

One minute Shannon Everett, 22, turned and told her mother, Nicola Everett, 46, and fiancé Ioan she loved them and the next her heart stopped beating and she started severely bleeding, all while giving birth to baby Nico.

Shannon, who suffered an amniotic fluid embolism last September and delivered Nico while unconscious, was unable to hold her baby for almost two weeks as doctors put her in an induced coma to save her life.

Although her family were relieved when Shannon, who is also mother to three-year-old Mika, woke up, they were devastated to discover she thought she was a teenager and could not remember she is now a mother-of-two or has a fiancé.

After six weeks in hospital, Shannon, from Cwmbran in Gwent, South Wales, is recovering at her mother’s house, a half-an-hour bus journey from her fiancé and children, and is largely confined to a wheelchair, barely able to see anything.

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