OMG!!! How A Randy Pastor Uses Bible Quotations To Rape Young Girls in Church (Photo)


A man pretending to be a pastor at a local church, lured some girls into following him by telling them that he uses the Bible to save lost souls.
But he allegedly ended up raping a girl after inviting her and three of her friends to his shack!
The fake pastor found the girls at a park in Wattville, Ekurhuleni on Thursday and invited them to his home to read the Bible.

The girls didn’t suspect anything and went with the man to his shack in Tamboville, where he opened his Bible to read and later prayed for them.
However, when he had finished reading, he told three of the girls to leave so he could explain in detail to their friend what he had read to them.
The girl was undressed and raped several times after her friends had left. She tried to escape but the man locked the shack. She was only released the next morning. He went ahead to invite the other girls to his church where he preached and recited bible quotations about loving thy neighbour as thyself. He allegedly also asked the three girls to read songs of Solomon before he went on a wild org y with the three girls aged betwee 15 and 17.
The girls went straight to the Actonville cop shop to open a case of rape after the rapist fell asleep. They alleged that the pastor also gave them holy communion wine which was alcoholic after which they couldnt say no to his sexual advances anymore.
According to Warrant Officer Ramothakhi Maqabe, a suspect was arrested the same day and has already appeared in court. He was due back in court soon.
The girls told the police the suspect sounded like a man of God and they never doubted him when he said he was helping lost souls.
The victims are receiving counselling at the police station’s trauma centre. The cops warned girls not to go to strangers’ houses because it could lead to them becoming victims of crime,

Daily Sun SA reports.


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