OMG!!! Have You Seen the Vagi na Dress? (Photo)


Australian TV presenter Edwina Bartholomew has been trending since she wore a vagina dress to the 2016 Oscars.
Bartholomew posted a photo of the dress on her Instagram page with the message, “Channelling Elsa from Frozen in @rachelgilbertau #sun7 #oscars.”
The responses were not what she was expecting. One of her fans said, “your face and body are to die for… but sorry, the thing on the dress looks like a part of the female anatomy,” and another tweeted “Loose the vajayjay and it would have been perfect.”
These comments kick-started a huge social media trend and even #​Vajayjaygate was trending on Twitter.

Bartholomew seems to have a sense of humour about the whole thing though. After the Oscars, she tweeted, ” “Vajayjaygate. Lucky I didn’t put it in the middle #sun7 #oscars2016.”


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