OMG!!! Girlfriend Sleeps With Boyfriend Father……..See Shocking Reasons


A woman has narrated how she was forced to cheat on her boyfriend by sleeping with the father after finding out a shocking truth.

A jilted girlfriend got her revenge on her two-timing boyfriend by sleeping with the boyfriend’s dad. Laura Jane Abrams, then 16, was besotted with Calvin, then 18, but always suspected his father David had feelings for her.

However, she later found out that Calvin had been cheating on her with another girl. Laura, now 29, met up with David and ended up having sex with him in the back of his car.

Laura from Heywood, Lancashire, does not regret her action as she feels she has a lucky escape and revenge. Remembering the days she spent with Calvin, Laura recalled how she would often sneak out late at night to meet up with him – behind her father’s back.

She admitted: “I was besotted, but my dad thought I was too young for a relationship and wanted me at home revising for my GCSEs, not out with boys.”

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