Oluwo of Iwo all swagged up, says “i got the right dose of swags”


The Olowu Of Iwo Land shares new photos as he is all swagged up.

He wrote:

“How can you lead a generation of this era when you are stuck to the past ? When the world moves…. you move with it, The confidence of an Emperor #firstcanadianking#Teluoftheuniverse…… most of our youths thinks kings don’t have a life and can’t swag down !! Guess what guys ….. you got it all wrong EmperorTelu1 got the right dose of swags for ya ”

As a result of the Oba’s dressing, there have been tons of mixed reaction from several Nigerians, demonstrating their sadness and anger towards the oluwo’s recent acts.

Following this, A Nigerian whose username withheld took to his twitter handle saying:

the Ooni of Ife don’t do like this and he’s seen as an icon…for the fact that you want people to know that you are a newage king doesn’t mean you should turn royalty to this. I can’t imagine Queen Elizabeth or King of Saudi in other places and do like this…Royalty is Royalty Oga

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