Olu Jacobs family debunks rumors that he’s dead, releases proof

The sour taste that the news of Olu Jacobs death brought has been reversed, as the family has released video evidence, and putting a rest to the rumors that he is dead.

In the video released, Olu Jacobs could be seen getting a haircut from someone, and it was clear that he’s hale and hearty.

The rumors of Olu Jacobs’ death originated from one Obaksolo on Instagram, where he paid tribute to the very much living actor.

Olu Jacobs is currently eighty-two years old, and has been battling dementia for the past few years, and according to his wife Joke Silva, he is hardly himself as his memories are gradually fading away.

The rumors about Olu Jacobs being dead isn’t the first of its kind, as there have been several rumors about him dying over the years.

However, his family is always on standby to dispel the rumors of his death, which usually brings a sense of relief to his fans.

The news of Olu Jacobs’ death being untrue as it was, still shook the internet. There has been a string of tragedy in the movie industry, as several actors have passed away this year alone.

Veteran Nollywood actor Mr Ibu was laid to rest just a few days ago, after battling with illness that led to his leg being amputated.

Another death that hit Nollywood hard was Junior Pope. The talented actor died by drowning, alongside other crew members.

Prior to the news of his death being finalized, Junior Pope was rumored to be alive, but upon arriving at the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Junior Pope is survived by his wife and three sons. Recently, the wife trended on the internet when she attended the birthday ceremony of Regina Daniels’ son.

Video below….

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