Okon Lagos slams Dog lovers president over attack on Hilda Baci and Enioluwa

Renowned actor and comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh, better known as Okon Lagos, has strongly criticised the president of the Dog Lovers Association for publicly calling out famous chef Hilda Baci over her dog meat delicacy.

Previous reports highlighted the backlash received by Hilda Baci who broke the Guinness World Record, after a video of her and influencer Enioluwa trying dog meat delicacy went viral.

Jackie Idimogu, the president of the Dog Lovers Association, expressed her displeasure and berated Hilda for including dog meat in her meals. VIDEO HERE.

In response, Okon Lagos referred to Jackie as an attention seeker (cloutina), suggesting that she aims to diminish Hilda’s success by stirring up Western hatred.

He pointed out that consuming dog meat is common in Akwa Ibom, which happens to be Hilda’s state of origin. Okon Lagos emphasized that if preparing dog meat is considered a crime, the same argument could be extended to other animals that are kept as pets by different individuals.

He wrote:

“Who’s this one sef? Ok Madam Cloutina, before you began inciting western hate on Hilda, you should have first of all known that there is no proof that the meat on that table is dog meat. Most things on social media aren’t real. Second, even if it is dog meat, Akwa Ibomites and Cross Riverians eat dog meat and there is NOTHING wrong with it. They don’t eat pet dogs, but wild dogs. It’s either ones hunted as game in the forest or the local breeds that are somewhat wild, strayed and launch indiscriminate attacks on unsuspecting passersby. It’s not an ape that we are talking about here, that is a primate and in the same family with humans but lesser animals. If it ts, then one may make a commonsensical case for cannibalism or something close. It’s a dog and not a pet dog like you are carrying to chase clout with. People eat pythons and other kinds of animals which are pets to many. I’ve seen many Python pets in Florida. So should a protective movement be flagged off for all animals? Are you vegan? Even if you are, what if someone comes with a claim which is a arguably a truism, that plants have life and deserve to live and it is cruel and destructive to life to allow it end up as food just because u are at the top of the food chain? As much as this is a mischievous and selective justice for animals, it is also broad day light witchcraft to put a clog in someone’s wheel of progress.”

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