Oklahoma teacher posts picture of classroom supplies and goes viral


An Oklahoma teacher, whose classroom is underfunded, shared a picture of her class and it quickly blew up.

Laurissa Kovacs, an art teacher from Puterbaugh Middle School in McAlester, Oklahoma, did not expect that her post would go viral, neither did she expect the outpouring of support she would get when she shared to her Facebook page a photo of a very dilapidated chair in her class, while revealing that she gets paid very little and still doesn’t have enough to work with in class.

She said the dilapidated chair was just one of the many ways her classroom was underserved and underfunded.

“I literally don’t have enough chairs for all 32 of my students… I’m having to bring in a couple of folding chairs I have here at home.” Laurissa wrote, then posted a link to an Amazon supply wishlist of things for her students in the classroom.

Laurissa’s post came during the heated moments of the Oklahoma teacher walk-out movements, and it got instant support.

To her amazement, her post got shared by hundreds of thousands of people. She has since then received over $44,000 for classroom supplies and she was greeted by more than 600 packages containing classroom supplies. More packages are still on the way.

This surprised her and she said, “I am completely overwhelmed by the support…I’m so grateful for how much attention this has brought to this serious issue.”

She said she is touched by the overwhelming kindness and plans on spreading the good fortune.

“My plans are to share, share, share! I’m not the only one in my district who needs things, so I’ll be sharing it all,” she said.

Laurissa added that she hopes that she can help her students by providing a classroom that “allows them to focus on my lesson.” She also has great hopes for their school as a whole.

Below is the initial post that went viral.


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