Oil Mill areas in port Harcourt are now death Traps: kemi olunloye


In the late morning hours of February 27, 2020. Popular controversial blogger kemi olunloye took to her Instagram page to sound a warning with a post captioned “Port Harcourt girls and men, Avoid oil mill Area. You may be beheaded or raped #kemitalks.

She further said ” PLS AVOID OIL MILL AREA AFTER 5:30PM. Once it gets dark at dusk, men holding cutlasses come out naked or pant/boxers only and ready to rape women and cut heads of men and women for the ritualists. They are cultists. When I went there, I was with a man who was telling me to move, move, walk fast. I saw these creatures myself. If Fakorede did his job at SARS over there, it won’t get this bad. SARS is still needed. The NPF still needs to continue the war against cultists. For females, one of my inmates houseboy killed up to 11 women last year in several hotels. David west is back in #PHMax now for LIFE. The MSM will never tell you this”.

See photos of her post on Instagram here;

The issue of security is always a bottleneck to we Nigerians as we are not always aware of what happens in other parts of the country. Good a thing we have people like her who keep us updated With security alerts.