Oga Taxi puts out brand new cars in Lagos and it’s 20% cheaper than the average taxi


Some months ago Oga Taxi blessed Lagosians with new options of how to move around in the city and now they have increased the number of cars on the streets to make movement even faster for their customers or “Oga Members” as they are called. The word is a hundred extra brand new cars are being added but we are sure that fifty of those hundred are already on the road. Also to enjoy these new cars, you have to request the DELUXE option which is already cheap and to make it even better, you get additional 10% discount using promo code: TALKOFNAIJA before requesting your ride. Your trips to and from work and to your favorite spots in the city have been made easier and cheaper. You should try it for yourself.


Not only can you take comfortable and cheap rides but you could also make as much as 350,000 naira to 400,000 naira a month by registering your car with Oga Taxi. People are already making millions on the platform so you too can make “Oga kind of money.” Just contact them at [email protected] and start the process by sending a picture of your car, make, model and year to the email.

Oga Taxi is Available on Google Play and App Store. visit http://www.ogataxi.com/ for more information

Watch Video of Their New Fleet Below:


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