Occasions where Seyi Shay slayed like a supermodel, amid instagram Leak


Sassy Songwriter and singer, Seyi Shay has been around the music industry for a while now and she had everything going smooth for her in the music industry until now, with a voice angels would be jealous of and rigid lyrical prowess matching her soothing beats. Let’s not forget also that she also has the body of a mermaid and enough photogenic features matching the best fashion models in the world.

Her style is best described as simple accompanied with lit edges and trust me when I say she rocks high fashion like its a normal everyday thing, not everyone can pull off a high fashion but seyi shey can.

Around last week things went sideways for the racy singer, her instagram account was hacked by unknown Nigerian hackers and some of her semi-nudes were sent to a couple of people. She has since come out to state that she isn’t the one sending the pictures and her account has been hacked, she warned the general public to be watchful and not respond to anything from the account. She also stated that the semi-nude pictures surfacing on the net are pictures from the past and she has no idea how the person go a hold of them.

So today I just wanted to remind us how hot and racy she is. I don’t think she has any bad pictures and these shots proves it, some of my fave photos of her are from undisclosed campaign to showcase what we think should be her best supermodel moments.

Check them out