Obese ISIS “mufti” is arrested in Iraq and is so heavy he had to be loaded onto the back of a truck


An obese ISIS “mufti” has been arrested in Iraq and had to be loaded onto the back of a truck to be transported due to his weight.

Shifa al-Nima, considered one of the biggest captures in recent months, was hauled from his Mosul bolthole by Iraqi security forces after he was discovered.

Shifa al-Nima is dubbed the terror group’s Jabba the Hutt. The so-called religious leader issued fatwas, or religious rulings, that led to the execution of scholars and clerics, and the bombing of a mosque.

After his arrest, he could not be transported in a police car due to his weight, so he had to be transported at the back of a vehicle, wedged against a mounted machine gun.

Iraqi police said the “mufti” is considered one of ISIS’s foremost leaders. As well as ordering executions, he is also accused of ordering the destruction of ancient cultural site, the tomb of the Prophet Jonah, along with other acts of cultural vandalism.

A Briton who fought against ISIS in Syria, Macer Gifford, tweeted: “I’m delighted to say that the Islamic State’s very own Jabba the Hutt has been captured in Mosul. Responsible for the execution of men, women and children. This animal raped and murdered.”

British activist and counter-extremist think-tank founder, Maajid Nawaz, said of the arrest, “It is good that Syrians, Iraqis and others witness the debasement of this s***.

“That he is obese, this immobile and this humiliated is yet another blow to ISIS imbeciles who thought God was with them.

“Cue: Jabba the Hutt jokes. It was a good day for the Force and a bad day for evil.”