OBASANJO’s LETTERS: Whatever You Do, Dont Let Obasanjo Write You A Letter


Am not a fan of Obasanjo but one of my prayer points has always been that may Obasanjo never write me a letter.
Obasanjo may have done exact or more evil than whoever he’s writting to admonish but while OBJ always escape repercussions, whoever he writes to admonish are not always lucky…..I inquired sometimes to know how a man who is glaringly not perfect, escapes nemesis, and still will not stop to bring out similar faults of others, it was then I discovered that, indeed “Jacob I love, Esau I hate….”
OBJ’s involvement in any issue signifies the imminent end of that issue. Why did I say so?
OBJ was not too involved in the civil war, others were fighting but suddenly, OBJ was drafted to take over the 3rd Marine Commando, and a war that has been fought for 2.5 years ended few months after. To him Biafra Soldiers surrendered completely and he brought them all to Lagos and handed them over to Gowon!!!! Today, he is viewed as the man who conquered Biafra.
It wasn’t his will really to lead Nigeria but when Murtala died and he was unanimously selected by the military. OBJ is the first military head of state in Nigeria(if not Africa) to handover powers to the civilian….although, through some shady elections, he handed over to his preferred candidate Shehu Shagari.
OBJ didn’t spare Shagari when the latter was soaked in mismanagement of the economy. He wrote him. A few months after, the military smashed Shagari government……in 1995, he secretly wrote to Abacha and described him as a stone age dictator…he also refused to settle Abacha rift with Mandela…the letter landed him in trouble. He was almost killed. But after his death sentence was converted into prison terms, he wrote another letter to Abacha titled NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT…..Where he said, “I was a head of state yesterday, today, I’m in jail. You’re the head of state today, tomorrow, your condition may be worse than mine…”.
LOL….Indeed, Abacha’s future was worse as he ended inside the grave!!!
OBJ didn’t write himself while in power but instead wrote his deputy, Atiku Abubakar. Atiku has become a shadow of his pre-1999 self since then.
It wasn’t clear whether he wrote Yaradua, a terminally ill former Kastina governor he imposed on Nigeria….but he came out publicly and asked him to resign!!!
OBJ is one former ruler who hates consipiratory diplomacy and boring protocol…..no former head of state does it better.
Although, he also imposed the Ineffectual Buffon(According to the Economist), Jonathan whose damage to Nigeria no get part two, yet, when GEJ corruption reached a level that satan was afraid of Nigeria and even Mobutu in his grave described Jonathan as corrupt(so I heard)…..OBJ didn’t spare his imposed devil, he wrote him in a letter titled BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE……But it was actually late before the letter was written. Jonathan, today, has become a sorrowful histroy to which many Nigerians don’t know why such evil befell us as a nation. Jonathan was a monumental disaster!!!
OBJ’s latest letter was written to the Saraki led NASS. The NASS leadership brought about by forgery and deceit of other members. The NASS where the SP was a former robbery suspect, DSP a forger, SL alleged boko haram sponsor, minority leader recently attempted to transfer a huge amount of dollars to a safer place. What a NASS????
OBJ in his letter, advised them to stop their corruption and think Nigeria for once.
Their reply too is the usual reply OBJ gets from every letter he writes to public officers…..insults, denials and mockery. Unfortunately, anyone he writes is always destroyed thereafter, especially after their expected reply.
OBJ, Please don’t write me……. I don’t have sacrificed money in my house!!!


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