Obasanjo lists five things Nigeria, Africa need to progress


Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo has highlighted five things to ensure progress in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Obasanjo speaking at Christ Embassy during Cross over service, listed polities, partnership as five things to ensure growth and development in Africa.

He said: “The 5 P’s for development and growth for building tomorrow’s Africa today are; Politics, Protection, Population, Prosperity
And Partnership…”

Obasanjo further noted that future of Nigeria will be bright and better if Nigerians change things now.

“Before 2050 Nigeria would come to 400million, if we make things right now, we will make life sweet for them in the future to live in.

“Those who have thought of Africa has a forgotten continent will be shocked when we start making this whole things work out together

“Africa is not poor, we make ourselves poor with our mentality, if we say we are poor we will be poor, if we say we are rich we will prosper and work with propensity.

“Security isn’t what we say it is here in Nigeria, every parts of security is needed in Africa,” the former president added.