OAP reveals he cannot be faithful to a good woman with home training

OAP Chiboi causes buzz online as she states that he cannot remain faithful to a well trained woman who is peaceful.

He shared this with his fellow co-hosts on the Wazobia FM show.

The On Air Personality insists that if a woman is nice, goes to church, is homely and can cook, he would still end up cheating.

According to him, those are not the only things that will keep his attention in a relationship.

The second OAP on the show, Papi, agreed with his opinion.

He reveals that he likes an adventurous relationship and if that is all the woman can offer, he would also not remain committed.

Their stand on the matter has sparked outrage among netizens.

See some reactions to the video below

ayomi__x wrote: “It’s safe to say women are in big trouble!!! Nothing can really satisfy that gender that betr@yed Jesus 🤦🏽‍♀️”

thefoodnetworknig2 added: “I have seen one too many times where men leave really good girls for Karishika! This just sums with up, if man never see woman wey go kpai am, im mind no go toush grand!”

princemacc opined: “What a confused set of individuals and grown up men at that spilling nonsEnse no be all men get sense sha this ones are tweh zerooooo upbringing….”

st_jiggy reacted: “We no plenty wey normal for this internet!!! Fight kwa ??wey I no go get peace of mind?? Una well at all 😂😂”

sasha_itota claimed: “Majority of men likes bad girls, stubborn girls, girls that challenges them. Madam stop being too submissive so they don’t see u as desperado, sometimes shoe am say bomb dey your head, una desperado sometimes ehn even blind man fit see”

Watch the video here……….

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