Nudity: Lady comes for Swanky Jerry


In the wake of various celebrities lending their voices against the recent show of indecency by singers MC Galaxy and Slimcase, there has been a new development.

Swanky Jerry, designer of repute, has also taken to his social media handle to air his views on the development. He said rather than direct their bile towards the artistes who were just entertaining themselves and fighting off boredom, the people should direct their animosity to the injustice and hunger and more serious matters in the country. He added that it was double standards since the people complaining against nakedness of women also used naked vixens in their art.

But in a swift reaction, a former porn star, Savage Trap Queen, has condemned Swanky Jerry in a live chat with OAP Daddy Freeze, calling him a bisexual and saying that he did not do well to condone the show of shame.