” Now in the U.S, they don’t buy Ghana movies because of the sex scenes ” – Vivienne Achor


Ace Ghanaian actress, Vivienne Achor has thrown light on reasons why Ghanaian movies are falling off the pecking order in movie production.

The actress gave many reasons as to why the movie industry is falling. One particular reason which stunned Ghanaians is when she said Ghanaian movies don’t sell in the U.S because of the sex scenes.

She made this wild claim on Nana Ama McBrown’s show ” McBrown’s kitchen “. The actress complained about too much nudity and sex scenes in the movies lately. This is not Ghanaian culture, she added.

She said :
” Now in the U.S, they don’t buy our movies anymore because they complain that the nudity is too much. They are exposing themselves too much and that has been the major cause of the collapse of the Ghanaian movie industry”.

She chastised the slay queens in the movie industry as the agents destroying the Ghanaian movie industry with their nude pictures and videos.

She further added:
” The way they are going about in the industry is not good. Those day’s social media was not as active as now. I have seen these slay queens and the names they have given themselves. They are trending but I don’t like the way they do things ”.