“Nothing must happen to me and Wunmi” – Mohbad’s mom cries out for help, says people are after her life (Video)

Aderemi Abosede Olumiyi, the mother of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, has recently revealed that her life is presently in much danger.

In a video shared online by award-winning Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, Mohbad’s mom cried out for help as she stated that some certain people are after her life.

She, however, called on to Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-olu, and Nigeria first lady, Remi Tinubu to assist her. According to her, a Facebook user, Bukky Jesse, posted a photo of her house on their page.

In the video, the distraught mum of the singer said she has been noticing people stalking her and her late son’s wife for a while now and feels that they are no longer safe.

In her words, “Nigerians please have mercy on me. Bukky Jesse has posted my house Please help me. Governor Sanwo-Olu, Mama Remi, You all are just looking at me. What have I done? They first killed my son. After killing him, they have not yet buried him. What have we done to Jossy(Mohbad’s father)? Please save me from the hands of Jossy and Bukky.”

“After killing my son, they now want to kill Liam and then kill me! Nothing must happen to me, my son’s widow, my grandson Lima and Mohbad’s brother Adura.”

“When he (Mohbad) was alive he said we should not complain, now that he has been killed, have you seen it? They want to kill me. Now I cannot walk around because I am afraid. Different kinds of people will be in front of my house. I will not know they are stalking me. Please have mercy on me”.

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Social media users shared their thoughts via comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

folaonashile said, “I’m not in support of the stalking/bullying and all, but i can nvr believe anything that comes from this handle pertaining to this mohbad issue. To me its a wolf cry! . I feel bad for baba mohbad..”

oluhdee said, “Everyone keeps saying she’s a bad mother. Have you read her story in The Punch? How her father warned her not to marry that man. Her father even asked her to come back home after having Mohbads elder sibling and Mohbad…. Someone who defied her father to marry a man, do you think she’d not have a legit reason for leaving the man later on? I see a lot of comments from the men saying she left her children… Do you know what she went through? The beatings, abuse etc? Her neighbors had to call her parents to take her out of mohbads dad’s house so that he won’t kill her before she finally left. And All of a sudden Mr remarried and began talking badly about this woman to her children. Yes she could have gone with all her children. But was she able to at the time? Would this man have allowed her to? She ran for her dear life and from time to time will check on her children… we are quick to say, ‘ Ten years I no see mommy/money’ whichever it is, how about the ‘stepmother no care’ part because a lot of us here are hypocrites! This woman has been crying for justice! She’s not asking for money, she’s not chasing clout! She’s not wearing mohbads clothes and with all she went through she’s still showing her daughter in law so much support! This same Wunmi had testified in court o that Mr will bring babe to Mohbads house. What does that tell you? A man who had a wife, now has another woman in the house, but yet would bring a babe to his son’s house! This was said by Wunmi in court and Mr has not denied that till date! And y’all still think this woman is the problem… Who has bewitched us in this country? What’s happening gangan? So sad! For everyone supporting Mr. , maybe you should pray for a father or father like him… You can say an Amen or think about this carefully… May we build good families, may we be amazing family members. It is well”.

onosexy said, “That bukky Jesse is it not possible to report her to the authorities in the uk because I am really ready to write petition against that olofo if possible”.

officialchic_chi said, “I don’t support this woman but her safety is paramount”.

paulithasubair said, “Bukky Jesse needs to be arrested for posting her house address”.

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