“Not taking chances” – Bride invites old women with walking sticks to dance at her wedding as ‘Asoebi grannies’ (Video)

A bride surprised people on her wedding day as she showed up with elderly women with walking sticks who acted as ‘asoebi grannies’.

In the video shared on TikTok, the women were seen holding their walking sticks and dancing in a line just like the normal asoebi ladies.

The viral clip has stirred an uproar online as several people wonder what prompted the bride’s decision.

@neliose20 said: “So much wisdom here. Bless them.”

@sxollykaseh stated: “We need u in heaven’s door, u surely can also convince God to take all of us in. I know this crew is hard to convince.”

@godschild0nly added: “Thank you for showing them love. Normally they get pushed to the back during events. You let them shine. Your marriage is blessed.”.

Watch the video below:

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