Nollywood star Richard Mofe- Damijo urges Nigerian customs to release seized food items to the poor


Thursday April 2,2020

Famous hollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo has urged nigerian customs to think beyond the box saying, this is the right time for the Customs Service section to release all the seized food items in their warehouses to the poor citizens who can’t afford those items in this time of lock down which has lead to hike of prices.

The renowned movie star shared his view via Instagram on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, he said, this items are needed to help those who can’t afford them during the lockdown in our nation.

Sitting at home wondering if this won’t be a good time for government to ask Customs about all the plenty seized rice, tomato, vegetable oil, and all the other food items they have in their possession and give out to our people in need.

Whilst thanking them for reduced fuel prices at this time (inject smiley face)and all the other efforts so far, food is a major part of this lockdown. I know sometimes the agencies of govt don’t work as a team but please this is the time for customs to step and tell us how much relief they can bring to Nigerians #giveoutseizedfooditems #customshelpus #rmdsaysso,” he said.

Tontrends recalled our the federal government had announced on Sunday, March 29, 2020, that it was shutting down Abuja, Lagos and Ogun states for two weeks without putting things in good shape.