Nollywood is filled with randy producers, directors – Mercy Alexander


Nigerian TV host Mercy Alexander has shared her experience in Nollywood.

In an interview with Sun news, the Mercy who is also known as Lady Jagaban revealed she started off in Nollywood but was frustrated out by randy producers.

On how she ventured into broadcasting, she said;

“I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Bamako, Mali. While there, I dreamed of going into Nollywood. When I came back to Nigeria, I tried Nollywood but was shocked to find out what happens there. The producers and directors want to sleep with you, with lots of conditions. And you even pay; you spend money to be featured in a movie and they also want to sleep with you! I didn’t have time for that, so I said, ‘let me start looking elsewhere’. The only movie I featured in without any attempt to sexually harass me was a Yoruba movie. The English movies were not pleasant experiences. I was frustrated out of Nollywood.”

Can you share your disappointments after discovering that these guys were not going to give you a chance unless they slept with you?

“I developed a thick skin over the years. I have gone through a lot. I have been on the streets since I was four-years-old. Nothing scares me. Even when I am heartbroken, I cry in my closet to God, because some people will tell you fake sorry. So, I told myself that there would be a time I will produce and direct my own movie.”