Nollywood Actress Princess Hyngle Called Out For Stealing

Princess Shyngle

Actress Princess Shyngle has been exposed after she lifted an Instagram model’s photo and passed off as her own on Instagram.

The drama started after she posted the photo on Instagram though with the model’s head ‘missing’. She also dragged those she claimed blamed her after getting cheated on by her boyfriend in the Instagram post.

Screenshot From Instagram

But it wasn’t long before someone identified the woman in the post to be Miss Lulu Simmons. Simmons had shared the full photo on her Instagram in 2017.

Lulu Simmon Original Post

Simmons was also notified, and she quickly reacted, saying: “Weirdo energy.. can you guys tell @princesshyngle1 to delete my photo off her page. I already asked nicely but then blocks me.”

From Simmon to Princess

Shortly after, Princess Shyngle deleted the post but had yet to apologize to the American model as at press time.