Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli survives accident


Most areas in Lagos, especially on the Island, are well guarded, however, there are key traffic areas where robbery attack occur not just at nights, but in broad daylight. It was an alarming scenario for Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli as she suffered a flat tyre at 2a.m on the popular 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos. She cried out in a video screaming and shouting for help as she was stranded in the most dangerous place in Lagos state.

Omoni Oboli

Locations such as Marina, CMS – Costain Bridge, Maryland end of Ikorodu road, Gbagada, Mile 2 – Oshodi bridge and Idumota – Eko bridge, Ikoyi Bridge before the Third Mainland Bridge. These armed robbers target heavy traffic routes. Although traffic robbery is something motorists or commuters would not want to contemplate, it is equally something they can easily get caught up in especially during night traffics. The robbers commit the act and run into the night.

It would have been a different story if the car was on speed while the tyre got burst suddenly. But Thank God her effort in her acting career did not end up with a sad story. It was reported that the actress was on her way from a movie production when she had a flat tyre with her crew members on the third mainland bridge.


Sharing the post on her Instagram page, the actress wrote: “Current situation 3:06am. Heading back home from set. Still stuck on 3rd mainland bridge. We had a flat tire (in short the tire is completely gone) but can’t change the tire because we need a special Lexus L and Key spanner. If you have, pls reach out. We are smack in the middle of 3rd mainland bridge. We have called Lagos State Emergency service and they said they’ll come but.. Reach out if you have a towing can or can reach one. One love”.

A source revealed the actress and her crew members got saved from their dilemma around as they all had to resume back to their movie production station without having enough time to rest. She took to her Instagram page to share the good news. She wrote: “It’s around 7am and I’m home guys!!! Praise God! We got a towing van to just tow it to the dealership I use for services.