Nollywood Actress Biodun Okeowo shuns young man who was trying to rubbish her

Yoruba Actress, Biodun Okeowo

Curvy Nollywood actress and mother of one, Biodun Okeowo popularly known as Omoborty. Extends her generosity to the poor and needy but gets insulted while doing this


Share the cash for 10 people instead 5k can’t buy shit.

Biodun Okeowo decided to look away at your stupidity but Won’t because people like you are the ones who discourage some people that are willing to help.

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You make them believe that their kobo is nothing and can not help anyone.

Meanwhile that kobo can actually save someone’s life… even if it can’t save yours because l can see you’re a big boy

This morning i was broke as in broke and God blessed me through someone. I decided to share that blessing with few people too.

I just think about it that for me to be broke.. then a whole lot is going on out there. And you’re here spewing rubbish, trying to rubbish my widows mite. If 5k is too small why not add your own? Little drops of water makes an ocean. And if you can’t add Don’t rubbish my effort. Oga bounce abeg.

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