Nobody Laughed! – Eddie Recounts First Audition Experience


For movie freaks who were born in the 80’s, the popular romantic comedy film- “Coming To America” will definitely bring some memories – Yes Akeem ! that young, handsome prince from Africa, who found love in America.

That character was performed Eddie Murphy, known for his comic roles, has revealed his ordeal when had his first comedy audition.

During an interview with Vanity Fair – monthly magazine published  in the United States, he said :

“I had been doing stand-up. I started doing stand-up when I was 15, so I got like three years before I get that audition. The first audition is literally a guy sitting in a room by himself, and he just says, ‘Make me laugh”.

“Well, that would be daunting to most people, but because I had been doing stand-up I had 15 to 20 minutes of an act. I was used to going up late at night at the Comic Strip. When you’re a young comic you don’t get good spots, so you’re going up in front of five or six people anyway.”

The 55-year-old went on to explain how he tried to create impressions of Jimmy Carter, Muhammad Ali, Howie Cosell and Bill Cosby, during his five-minute audition. But to his surprise the comedian said

“He didn’t laugh at anything. I was just doing it, he was just sitting there watching me, and looking me up and down. After I did all my shit, he was like, ‘Thank you,’”

But that was not the end for the comic actor, as he got anothe opportunity to do two more auditions, and he eventually sailed through.

“I had seen that sketch a bunch of times. So it was like, This is my audition? [Laughs.] I didn’t even need the paper! Did it. Crushed it. And got the show,” he said.