Nobody ask of the Pilot – Zlatan on Kobe’s death


It was reported that kobe bryant together with his daughter Gianna died Sunday morning in calabasas 40miles north west of Los Angeles. While going to practice with his daughter.

Ever since then a lot of celebrities have been posting on how sad they are about the event as and even more his 13 year old with him. The world is in grief.

Bryant Kobe

But Zlatan noticed no one was asking about the pilot that died also. He tweeted “Nobody ask of the pilot” as a reminder that the persom driving the helicopter too died in the accident and we should grieve for all the deceased. Although some might sense a humor in this but it does pass a message and that is Everyone is important.

So as we mourn the loss of kobe bryant and his daughter we should also find out the name of the pilot and mourn his loss also.