No one is 100% straight- Study claims


Strictly heterosexual people don’t exist, according to a psychologist .While most societies promote heterosexuality as the ‘norm’, a leading researcher at Cornell University has found most of us get aroused by both genders.

Lead author Ritch C Savin-Williams, a psychologist specializing in gender studies, warns we still struggle with the concept of bisexuality – particularly when it comes to men.

Savin-Williams’ new book Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity Among Men finds younger generations are increasingly open to ‘looser boundaries’interviews 40 men who insist they are ‘straight’ but dabble in liaisons with other men.

It builds on his study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Savin-Williams examined volunteers who identified as either male or female.

They showed them each porn involving men, and porn involving women, and measured the dilation of their pupils – an indicator of sexual arousal.

Women’s eyes dilated watching men with women, and watching women with women.

Men’s eyes dilated watching women masturbate, and watching men masturbate – regardless of their stated sexual preference.


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