No One Can Accuse Me Of Collecting Money For Airplay – OAP Toolz


OAP Toolzhas stated that no one can accuse her of collecting money from any artiste before playing their songs.
She shared a letter written to her by an artiste who appreciated her for how she helped his music career without taking a dime form him.
OAP Toolz captioned the letter:
In my 10 year career on-air, one of the things I’m most proud of is that no one can accuse me of asking for/collecting money for airplay.
A lot of new artists that I jam the hell out of, I’ve never even met or spoken to.
I strongly believe that if you have true talent, and you keep at it, you will eventually get there. The journey might not be as quick as you want, but just keep keeping on.
This sweet note put a big smile on my face!”