“No matter how much we copy oyinbo, we can never be better than them” — Yul Edochie advises Nollywood filmmakers

Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie has advised Nollywood filmmakers that no matter how much they copy their oyibo counterparts they can never be better than them.

He made this public via his Instagram storywhere he called out Nollywood for trying to imitate them.

He encouraged them to share Nigerian stories and show more of Nigeria’s culture and traditionsin their movies.

In his words;
“Dear Nigerian filmmakers,
I commend all of us for all we’ve achieved so far.
We must never forget this; no matter how much we copy oyibo, we no be oyibo, we can never do their thing better than them.
The only thing we can do better than them is our own thing.
Let’s tell more Nigerian stories.
Let’s show more of our culture & tradition in our stories.
Oyibo ways are not better than ours.
They have sold theirs.
Let’s sell ours.

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