“No food for lazy man but there’s food for lazy woman” – Portable slams wife, Bewaji

Controversial street artiste, Portable has taken to Instagram to lambast his wife, Omobewaji.

He referred to her as an ungrateful person who is angry because his other wives are giving birth to children for him.

This came after the singer’s wife took to the social media platform to share a post on self-love. She stated that people should always do what they want because they will only get appreciated by people when they are needed and discarded afterwards.

She wrote;

“This life just do what pleases u, because they will only appreciate you only at that moment when they needed you after that they have forgotten, next thing you go hear if you no do am another person go do am, human forget kindness easily.”

Commenting on the post, Portable stated that Omobewaji would be nothing without him. He also claimed that she has refused to have another child with him, but told him that she wants his money instead.

He further asked Omobewaji to ask her mother if her father took care of her the way he was taking care of her and their son.

See Portable’s comments below…

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