No ‘charges’ for man who shot a stranger for invading his social distance


Orlando: A 30-year-old man is in a critical condition after being shot 5 times for violating social distancing protocols.

Kyle Johnson said he had no choice but open fire after a stranger came too close thus violating his social distancing right. “I take my social distancing very seriously and I would do anything to protect myself from the Corona. When I shot him I told myself I am shooting down the Corona. It was either I shoot or I get the Rona because he was a few inches from me when I open fire”

Kyle told the police that he warned the man about coming too close and he fired two warning shots before he aimed at the man who to him looked like a rabid dog coming straight for his neck. “I just could not risk getting the Corona that’s why I stand a few feet from him after I shot him”

The Orlando PD said the man who was shot is an illegal immigrant who was drunk. “The man is a drunk, but one thing he did not have was the Coronavirus. He will probably be out of the hospital in two weeks or so, no vital organs were damaged he’s quite a lucky dude if you ask me.

People should take social distancing seriously to avoid spreading the Corona”.